About Me & My Purpose

What Got Me Inspired
well what truly inspires me daily is life in general. we all see it very differently in our own ways, we all express it differently. we all are artist in our own ways, for me this is how i express my love through life, love is everything to me, through every thing that i came across and in contact with. i truly feel like my past selfs have expressed their way of art in some form that i express it as well, and they have, this is another thing that inspires me, myself.

My Purpose
as my "brand" says, your purpose is divinity. as what i believe as well, we all have a purpose in life some of us just don't know that yet or do know but don't know exactly what that purpose is. we have the feeling even very early in our years, we know we are meant for something big, some lose that feeling, others continue to feel it but are confused on exactly what it is. express this through my work in many ways, as for me, im one who knows i have a purpose but still not very clear on exactly what it is. at this point in my journey im expressing myself through love and art and showcasing it sparks something in me. showcasing things i learn, things that need to be seen. showcasing the power of femininity.

What Keeps Me Going
the thing that keeps me going, good question. the obvious answer for that is me. thats what truly and honestly keeps me  going, thats what keeps us all going, is ourselves, the dedication we put in, the focus we put in and this vision that we build. of course, im oh so very grateful for everything and everyone that has been in my journey to either teach me a lesson or guide me through it. another thing that keeps me going is you. we are all one with eachother, with that being said i want you to know whatever i accomplish, conquer, you can as well. not only will i inspire you to do it, know that you will inspire others as well. Remember, love is everything.

How Did I Start
at this moment i can't entirely remember when i had the first thought of starting this, there was always little hints and visions from life here and there for me. gratefully i appreciate the people who support me and took the chance to put their belief in where im headed. art as i've mentioned before was always something i did and loved. i believe i was always meant to be where i am exactly, i believe we all are. it was just a matter of divine timing of when i'd come across actually doing it.

What Did I Do Before
ha, well this one's a funny and interesting one. I worked at jack and chipotle before. as in work wise, that's what i did before. i've always been a hard worker, ignoring everything that was a waste of time in my eyes and getting straight to what i want. i was also a full time trader and teaching others how to trade as well. this was a very interesting period of time, a lot happened during that and although it was a very long and bumpy road vision wise, i learned exactly what i needed to. thus here i am, still growing everyday.